Comune Rimini


Collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini and Pianeta Italia resulted in the creation of a smartphone app for the city of Rimini, for use by tourists and residents.
My Rimini is an app which uses intuitive graphics and a language of symbols to allow the user to locate places of interest around the city with a single touch.
This project was also linked to the publicising of various events in the area and the design of their respective flyers and ads for web advertising.
  • San Benedetto del Tronto - AP - 63074
  • Via Col Fiorito, 5
  • Phone +39.349.8161774
  • Silvi Marina -TE - 64029
  • Via Abruzzo, 141
  • Phone +39.338.3637348
  • Sydney 2019
  • 15/25 Chelmsfortd Av - Botany NSW
  • Phone +61(0) 406 296370